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UNLESS YOU LIVE in the North, good books on Alaska and the North can be hard to find. On these pages are some of our favorite Northern books. Our bias is toward books for younger readers, but we also have included a few Alaska classics and an anthology for older readers.
To make it easy to find these books, we have partnership agreements with two internet bookstores, Amazon.com, and Cherry Valley Books. Links under each title on our pages will take you directly to our partners' pages for that title. From there, you can place your order for Go Home, River and many other books, which our partners will ship to you directly. For more information about our partners and about Internet bookselling, please read about buying books on the Internet. Go Home, River and other Alaska classics also are widely available at bookstores in Alaska.
In the interest of full disclosure, we get a small percentage of sales when our visitors link to Cherry Valley Books from our site and then buy books during the same visit. In theory we also get a percentage from Amazon, but in practice our quarterly sales have yet to break the Amazon's threshold. So we haven't gotten a dime from them. Consider our link to Amazon an Internet service.
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Recommended Alaska Bookstores

If should find yourself in Nome, then you can find Go Home, River and many other wonderful books at Mary Knodel's Arctic Trading Post. If you are not in Nome, Mary and her staff will gladly take phone orders (907-443-2686) and mail books directly to you. Mary often can provide authographed copies. Don't hestitate to ask. You can even ask for a personal inscription in Go Home, River. If I am in town, I would be glad to walk down to the Trading Post and sign a book for your child, grandchild, neice, or nephew.
In Anchorage, we suggest you stop by Cook Inlet Book Company. In Juneau, check out Hearthside Books. In Fairbanks, Gullivers' is a good bet, and the University Bookstore probably has copies in stock. too.

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