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Book Sales Bring Smiles
By Rob Stapleton

Mary Knodel from the Arctic Trading Post has a big smile on her face this week, and so do the writer and illustrator of Go Home, River - Jim Magdanz and Dianne Widom.
The children's book sold nearly 300 copies in Nome, making last weekend's book signing a very successful event, according to Alaska Northwest Publishing regional manager Sara Juday.
"Phenomenal response, just amazing. This would equate to 20,000 books in Anchorage," Juday said.
"Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. This weekend was just way beyond my expectations. Of the 300 books I had shipped up, I now only have 22 left. I sold another dozen this morning," Knodel said Monday.
According to Knodel, people were thrilled about a local author publishing a book. "Mothers were pleased that their children could meet a real author," She said. "Local area children in attendance at the signings now know an author, and how a book is published."
Knodel said the author and illustrator were also very pleased at the showing this weekend. "Dianne sold six of the original paintings and the Kegoayah Kozga Library bought the cover painting. Widom also received orders for 40 prints. This is by far the most successful book signing we have ever had," Knodel said.
"This is definitely a very successful event," Juday said. "That's certainly the most we've sold of a children's book at a single location. I would say for the population, this is a first. This book is also very special because the people doing it are from there and not from New York."
© 1996 Alaska Newspapers Incorporated. Used by Permission.
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