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The river was always going somewhere,and I never tired of watching it... THE MEDIA gave Go Home, River generous news coverage and encouraging reviews when it first came out. But we were not seeing many visitors at the Go Home, River web site. That's OK. We don't live in Alaska for the crowds. We cherish our peace and quiet.
But as the months went by, people began to find us. Some webmasters appreciated our offerings and set up links to our site. A few gave us special notices or awards. Some children's librarians added us to their lists, as did some children's authors. On-line booksellers have posted on-line reviews. In appreciation of our small recognitions, on this page we recognize people who have recognized us. We also list other sites we think might be interesting or useful to our visitors.
If you master a website and think your visitors would like to visit us, by all means set up a link to http://www.magdanz.com/books/river. If you think our visitors would enjoy your site, send me an e-mail message and we'll come visit you, too. We'll update this page periodically with new offerings.

Site Awards

Alcanseek Some of our visitors like us a lot. We are delighted to hear from people who enjoy our site. Hot Alaska We may never be the Best of the Web or Cool Site of the Day. We are just not that kind of place. But we have our fans. We have been listed as one of the top sites in Alaska and Canada by Alcanseek.com (along with the Alaska's Original Poop Moose)! We earned the "Hot Alaska" site of the month award from the Kenai Peninsula Visitor's Guide and Resource Network!

On-Line Reviews

Go Home, River has earned some on-line reviews. We don't find everything out there about our book. When we do find something, we add it here. If you come across any Go Home, River reviews out there, please send us a note so we can add a link!
Arctic/Northern Culture at the Mining Company. Internet guide Murray Lundberg gives us a kind notice on his Teachers' Resources page. Murray's Mining Company site is the most thorough and thoughtful site I have found for exploring northern topics.
Cherry Valley Books. "This is one of those rare books that combines warmth and human relationships with effective and unobtrusive teaching about the earth that sustains us." WOW! Thanks!
Cook Inlet Books. "This multidimensional book can be used to teach Alaska history, Eskimo culture, the water cycle, and geography, even to very young children." We've been one of Lynn's Picks for several months, now. Thanks, Lynn.


A growing number of sites have links to us. We thought a site with links to us might have something you are interested in, too. And it is our way of saying thanks to the people who notice us!
Iditarod SuperSite. If you want to follow Alaska's great race, this is the place to look.
Inkspot. A wealth of information for and about people who create children's literature. You'll find our site in the Children's Author Directory, along with scores more.
Kay Vandergrift's Children's Literature Page. An academic perspective on children's literature -- serious, thoughtful, unusual.
Bridge School Library. If you are a school librarian, you might enjoy seeing what this school is doing. Look for the children's reviews of picture books. I bet the kids are having fun!
Alaska Authors Library. Links to many Alaska books and authors who write on Alaska subjects .

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