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GO HOME, RIVER being our first book, we had no idea how the media would react to its publication. Being writers ourselves, we were a little nervous at the thought that people might write about us. But then the first news story came out (below) and called Go Home, River "a bedtime story for children all over America." That story was picked up by other papers, and the news just kept getting better. Now when a new envelope of clippings arrives from the publisher, we can't wait to read them.
We wish we could share all the stories, but the bigger papers and magazines are pretty tight with reprint permissions. When we do have permission to share our stories with you, we'll add them here.

"A bedtime story for children all over America."
Nome author draws on real life for book
The Bering Strait Record

"Stories are a wonderful way to learn."
Local author writes teaching story
The Nome Nugget

"Phenomenal response. This would equate to 20,000 books in Anchorage."
Book sales bring smiles all around
The Bering Strait Record

"If there was any inspiration in this book at all, it was the country."
NANA Region figures prominently in book
The Arctic Sounder

"I think it will open up doors that I don't even know exist yet."
Widom's dream comes true with book project
The Bering Strait Record

"An unusual original story that embodies Alaska history, geography, and culture."
Original story captures Alaska's history, culture
The Peninsula Clarion,

"When a rain drop falls from your nose, do you know where it goes?"
Amazon.com talks with James Magdanz

© 1997 James Magdanz, Illustrations © 1996 Dianne Widom
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