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Reviews of Go Home, River

"His writing is spare yet rich, like the language in Jane Yolen's Owl Moon. Like that classic book, Go Home, River shows how an excursion can be life-changing. This book is a gem to be savored."
Alaska Magazine

"A graceful, evocative story that stands on its own, with delicate illustrations painted in, of all things, octopus ink."
Critic's Choice!
Family Life

"The writing is simple and dignified, giving a poetic impression of life before European contact... An attractive, unusual offering."
School Library Journal

"Outstanding from a learning perspective... Beautiful and educational gift idea."
Reviews From Parent Council

"Of particular interest to teachers seeking picture-book stories related to the water cycle or the native peoples of Alaska."

"Our test group of preschoolers was mesmerized by the duotone artwork... The simple, beautiful art, coupled with short sentences using simple descriptive words, paint a timeless picture of Alaska life in the Bush."
Wasilla (Alaska) Frontiersman

"This is one of those rare books that combines warmth and human relationships with effective and unobtrusive teaching about the earth that sustains us."
Susan Short
Cherry Valley Books

"Go Home, River seems so real that adults and children alike can experience the journey it describes... Simple language evokes comfort and wonder."
Salem (Oregon) Statesman Journal

Alaska Parenting

"This book poetically yet firmly emphasizes the sincere respect for nature that was characteristic of the Inupiat in the nineteenth century. Appropriate for integrated science--ecology units, and social studies--Alaska"
Iowa Reading Journal

© 1997 James Magdanz, Illustrations © 1996 Dianne Widom
From Alaska Northwest Books

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