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CHILDREN LOVE having visitors in the classroom, especially visitors who can tell stories. What could be more exciting for young students that meeting the person who actually wrote some of the books they are reading?
For me, author visits are a win-win proposition. Before Go Home, River was published, I read it during school visits. By reading to students, I learned what worked and what did not. I fixed problems before the story was published. What a wonderful experience it is to collaborate on the creation of this most important literature! Being in Alaska limits my ability to travel "Outside," but with enough advance planning anything is possible.
This page includes links to children's authors all over the country. If you are interested in an author visit for your school, then I suggest you visit some of our Children's Authors' web sites. You will get a sense of our work, and probably a hint of our personalities. If you would like to discuss the possibilities of an author visit, send the author an e-mail. Here also is a helpful list of frequently asked questions about author visits.

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Children's Authors Who Visit Schools

Laurie Halse Anderson
Turkey Pox, Ndito Runs
Bruce Balan
The Cyber.kdz Series, The Cherry Migration, The Moose in the Dress Pie in the Sky, What I Saw at Sea, Jeremy Quacks
Haemi Balgassi
Peacebound Trains, Tae's Sonata
Susan Taylor Brown
Did Not! Did So! The Best Dog in the Whole World, Flirtation Waltz, Listen to the Gypsy, and 6 other children's books
Brian Cleary
A Mink, A Fink, A Skating Rink! What is a Noun? To Root, To Toot, To Parachute! What is a Verb? Hairy, Scary, Ordinary! What is an Adjective? and more humorous, educational children's books
Vicki Cobb
Science Experiments You Can Eat, Bet You Can't, This Place is Cold, Why Doesn't the Earth Fall Up? and many more science books for kids
Evelyn Gallardo
Among the Orangutans
Peni R. Griffin
Switching Well, Treasure Bird, and other middle-grade and young adult fantasy and mystery stories
Barbara Haworth-Attard
Dark of the Moon, The Three Wishbells, TruthSinger, Home Child
Anna Grossnickle Hines
Miss Emma's Wild Garden, What Joe Saw, When We Married Gary, Gramma's Walk, Grandma Gets Grumpy, Daddy Makes the Best Spaghetti, Big Like Me, and many others
Hazel Hutchins
The Prince of Tarn, Yancy and Bear, Tess, Within a Painted Past, Nicholas at the Library, Ben's Snow Song, The Three and Many Wishes of Jason Reid, and others
Paul Kropp
Moonkid and Liberty, Getting Even, Raising a Reader, and many others
Jane Kurtz
Fire on the Mountain, Pulling the Lion's Tail, Miro in the Kingdom of the Sun, Only a Pigeon, Trouble, and others
David Lubar
Hidden Talents, The Psychozone: Kidzilla and Other Tales, The Witch's Monkey and Other Tales, Monster Road, and others
Jim Magdanz
Go Home, River
Carol Moore
The Littlest Knight, McFeeglebee's Pond, Who Did Patrick's Homework, Silver Pete, It Could Happen, and other online story books
Elaine Moore
Grandma's House, Grandma's Promise, The Substitute Teacher from Mars, Who Let Girls in the Boys Locker Room?, and many others
Darcy Pattison
The River Dragon
Barry Louis Polisar
Peculiar Zoo, Don't Do That: A Child's Guide to Bad Manners Ridiculous Rules, and Inadequate Etiquitte, The Trouble With Ben, and many others.
Carol Purdy
Iva Dunnit and the Big Wind, Least of All, Mrs. Merriwether's Musical Cat, The Kid Power Program, Nesuya's Basket
David Ross
A Book of Hugs, Baby Hugs, How to Prevent Monster Attacks, Baby Bears Christmas, Is it Bedtime? and many others
Seymour Simon
Einstein Anderson, Science Detective; Sharks, Lightning; Strange Mysteries; Ride the Wind; The Heart; Science Dictionary
Roland Smith
Thunder Cave, Jaguar, Journey Of The Red Wolf, African Elephants, Amy's Missing
Zilpha Keatley Snyder
The Egypt Game, The Headless Cupid, Witches of Worm, Libby on Wednesday, Cat Running, The Gypsy Game, and many others
Cathy Spagnoli
Oni Wa Soto; ThaoKham, the Pebble Shooter; Kantjil and Tiger; Judge Rabbit Helps the Fish; The Greedy Crows; Judge Rabbit and the Tree Spirit; Nine in One, Grr! Grr! Hmong Tale

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